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A Bit About Me

Xu Guohua, born in Beijing in 1959, embarked on his artistic journey with a profound commitment to visual expression. In 1988, he actively engaged in the exploration of oil painting at the renowned Central Academy of Fine Arts. Three years later, in 1991, he emerged from the Decoration Department of the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts, now known as the Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts.
As a seasoned artist, Xu Guohua has become an esteemed member of the Sculpture Committee of the China Arts and Crafts Society, contributing his talents to the realm of three-dimensional art. Additionally, he holds membership in the Lacquer Art Committee of the China Arts and Crafts Society and the Beijing Artists Association, demonstrating his dedication to artistic communities at both local and national levels.
Xu Guohua's artistic footprint extends beyond the confines of institutions, with his works gaining recognition from various publishing entities. His creations have found a home in the collections of numerous esteemed institutions and private collectors, underscoring the widespread appreciation for his distinctive artistic vision. As Xu Guohua enters a probational phase, his artistic trajectory continues to unfold, promising further contributions to the rich tapestry of contemporary art.

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