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She was born in 1978 in Lin Qing, Liaocheng City of China’s Shandong Province. Graduated in 2003 from China’s Shandong College of Arts. Currently:

  • Grade 1 (Top Notch) National Artist of China;

  • Special Invited Artist of China’s Zhongnanhai (Central Government Compound in Beijing);

  • Arts Director of China’s Art Bank Works Exhibited and Prizes Awarded2010: Awarded “Specially Recommended China’s contemporary artists with academic value and market potential” 2010-2012: Entered into for 3 years running 2012: Contemporary Oil Paintings featuring “Let the Soul Walk” displayed in Gallery of Shandong Mansion in Ji Nan, China

  • 2013: XU Jing Contemporary Oil Paintings Collection published by Yachang Press

  • 2013: An Elite of China’s Academic School Oil Painters published by China’s Beijing Arts & Crafts Publishing House

  • June 23rd, 2013: Oil Painting “Addicted to Lotus Flower”(荷恋)successfully auctioned at Beijing Rongbaozhai

  • 2013 Spring Auction of Cultural Relics & Arts

  • September 2013: Oil Paintings “Spring Flowers & Autumn Fruits” (春华秋实) series and “Lotus Ponds in Great Times”(盛世荷塘)series collected by China’s Zhongnanhai (Central Government Compound, Beijing)

  • 2013: “Lotus Divine Beauty & Fragrance” (荷色天香) series as painted on Porcelain Plates collected by China’s Zhong Nan Hai (Central Government Compound, Beijing).

  • September/October 2014: Held Solo Exhibition of Porcelain Plate Paintings in Paris Galerie Double S, with works collected by art institutions and individuals from France and Italy.

  • October 2014: Attended Part Shopping in Louvre Paris, with selected works collected by art institutions and individual collectors, and won favorite reviews from art critics and European collectors.

  • May,25 2015 Personal Oil Paintings and Porcelain Plate Paintings display featuring “Breathtakingly Beautiful China & Zenit Orient” (大美中国, 禅意东方) launched by Paris China Culture Center ( or Centre Cultural de Chine à Paris, the sole offshore Chinese culture promotion institution of its kind) and Paris Galerie Double S, held in the Paris China Culture Center (Centre Cultural de Chine à Paris) which incorporated XU Jing’s solo exhibition among Promoted Young Artists, and also collected some of her works

  • 2016: Gold Foil Painting “Lotus Divine Beauty & Fragrance” (荷韵天香) collected by the Crown Princess of Thailand.

  • April 2017: “The World as in Flowers”(亦花亦世界):XU Jing’s Paintings Global Tour Display held in Qingdao, Chongqing, Nanchang, Macau, the USA, and Germany.

Jing Xu

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