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My Bio

LI Yifeng was born in Tianjin in 1964. He graduated from

Nankai University in 1986, and completed his studies from

China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in 1989.

He holds the following titles and memberships: member of

Chinese Paintings Committee of China Fine Artists

Association, member of China Fine Artists Association,

member of China Cultural Relics Society, vice chairman of

Tianjin Fine Artists Association, a member of judging panel

of 12 th National Fine Arts Exhibition, president of Tianjin

People’s Arts Publishing House.

His additional honors and capacities include: visiting scholar

of China Renmin University, guest professor of Chinese

Paintings College of Tianjin Fine Arts Institute, guest

professor of Nankai University, guest professor of US Asia-

Pacific Arts Studies Institute, part-time professor at China

Armed Police Commanders College, and guest artist of

Tianjin Fine Arts Academy.

Li has published around 10 personal arts albums, including

<Yifeng Paintings Album>, <Yifeng Ink & Wash Paintings>,

<Yifeng Paintings Language>, < Li Yifeng Arts Collated>,

<Masters Works- Li Yifeng Art Album>, <Walking Painting

Brushes 信笔直扫>, <Where the Heart Resides 会心处不在

远>, <Gentle Scholar with Humble Bone谦谦峰骨 澹澹书生

>. He has also published about a 100 academic papers such

as <The Philosophical Identity of Chinese Paintings>, <China

Paintings as Seen & Experienced>, <Notes upon Reading

Huang 读黄札记>, <Context for Ink & Wash Paintings of

China’s Badashanren八大山人>, and <Wayout for Xieyi

(Freehand Brushwork) Paintings>, to name just a few.





出版有《一峰画集》《一峰水墨》《一峰画语》《李毅峰画集》《大家经典——李毅峰画集》《信笔直扫》《会心处不在远》《谦谦峰骨  澹澹书生》等十余部个人画集。著有《中国画的哲学归属》《中国绘画的认识与实践》《读黄札记》《八大山人的水墨语境》《写意的出路》等百余篇学术论文。

李毅峰 简介: About
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