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Oculus art Exhibition 2019

11/08/2019 - 11/10/2019

纽约画廊推荐画家徐璟老师参加纽约Oculus艺术展2019: Projects
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​Jing Xu (AMY)

The oil painting "The third layer of life" by Master Amy Xu  was recommended by New York Gallery. The exhibition theme is BLANC, which placed at The Oculus in New York 2019.

纽约画廊推荐画家徐璟老师参加纽约Oculus艺术展2019: About
纽约画廊推荐画家徐璟老师参加纽约Oculus艺术展2019: Video
纽约画廊推荐画家徐璟老师参加纽约Oculus艺术展2019: Pro Gallery
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