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YiXin Chen | 陈一心: Welcome
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A Bit About Me


Chen Yixin was born in Beijing in 1961. She has been working in the CPPCC Newspaper office for a long time. She has been fond of painting and calligraphy since she was a child. During her work, She participated in many important activities, especially cultural and art activities, which deepened her understanding of traditional Chinese culture, had the opportunity to interview famous artists, and had a deeper understanding of painting and calligraphy art. She use her spare time to learn traditional painting art techniques, and actively innovate, absorb the essence of famous artists, integrate ancient law and modern, and form her own unique artistic style. Many of her works have been collected by domestic and foreign people, making positive contributions to China's traditional art and culture.

YiXin Chen | 陈一心: About
YiXin Chen | 陈一心: Pro Gallery
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