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​CaiChuan  Sheng | 蔡传胜

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Cai ChuanSheng |蔡传胜: Testimonials

Cai Chuansheng has the following capacities and titles:

Deputy Secretary General of China Oil Paintings Society; Vice

Chairman & Secretary General of Beijing Oil Paintings

Society; Chairman of Beijing Tongzhou Oil Paintings Society.

He is a painter by profession, and has attended multiple arts

exhibitions in and outside China.

In 1999, some of his selected works went on show by

invitation in Singapore.

Also in 1999, he attended the Calligraphy & Paintings

Exhibition in celebration of the 50 th Anniversary of P.R.

China’s Founding, and won the 3 rd prize at the event.

In 2000, some of his selected works were displayed at the Le

Salon of Fine Arts France Show.

In 2004, he was awarded the Gold Prize at the

Contemporary Calligraphers & Painters Excellent Works


  • 中国油画学会副秘书长。

  • 北京油画学会副主席,秘书长

  • 通州油画学会主席

  • 职业画家,多次参加国内外展览,

  • 1999年 部分作品应邀赴新加坡参加展览、

  • 1999年 参加庆祝建国五十周年书画作品展获三等奖

  • 2000年 部分作品参加法国沙龙展览、

  • 2004年 获当代书画家精品展金奖。

Cai ChuanSheng |蔡传胜: Testimonials

Portfolio  作品

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Cai ChuanSheng |蔡传胜: Projects
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