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Fang  Zhou | 周芳

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Fang  Zhou | 周芳: TeamMember

My Bio 简介

​Zhou Fang, a native of Beijing, is a member of the Beijing Artists Association. In 1998, the oil painting "Old Area" participated in the exhibition of "Huangcaoliang Style" organized by Beijing Artists Association. In 2001, he participated in the Beijing International Art Fair. In 2002, the oil painting "House" series went to Japan to participate in the exchange exhibition. In 2005, the oil painting "Thinking" participated in the Beijing Jinghua Taoli Cup Exhibition. In 2007, the oil painting work "The Imprint of the Hutong" participated in the Beijing "Beautiful Home Harmonious Society" art exhibition. In 2008, the oil painting "House Gate" participated in the Beijing New Artists and New Works Exhibition. In 2012, the oil painting "Red Apple" participated in the Beijing Teachers' Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition. In 2013, he held a five-person painting and calligraphy exhibition in Quanzhou, Fujian. In 2015, the traditional Chinese painting work "View of Fu" participated in the Beijing Teachers' Works Exhibition. In 2016, he held a five-person group exhibition "Walking Italy" in Beijing. In 2020, the Chinese painting work "When the Smile Blooms" participated in the "Fighting the Epidemic with the Heart of the Motherland, Nine Degrees Painting Exhibition".

周芳 北京人,北京美术家协会会员。





2007年油画作品巜胡同印迹》参加北京“美好家园 和谐社会”美术作品展。






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